Wooden Signs vs HDU Signs

 Wooden Sign

Wooden outdoor signage over time will begin to peel, split, crack, rot, and even warp. Additional cracks break the moisture seal and accelerate deterioration. Once water gets beneath the paint, the wood sign swells. To keep a wood sign in tip-top shape it requires frequent maintenance to protect it. In extreme climates you may need to refinish your sign every year or two to keep it looking good. Most sign owners today do not have the time, tools or skills to keep a wooden sign looking its best.

Many of the signs you see today from residential, commercial to theme parks are not wood, they are a very stable and rot-proof material known as (HDU) High Density Urethane. While we still occasionally create signs from wood, we recommend that you chose HDU, we can carve you a sign that will last a lifetime. 😊

 HDU Sign

Our signs are carved from Coraform HDU: Its closed cellular structure and absence of fibers or granular structure result in crisp, excellently defined edges after carving, machining and final painting. It is also impermeable by any type of liquid, including water and solvents, making it much better suited for severe weather conditions or harsh marine environments than many other materials.


 100% Acrylic Paints
We paint our HDU signs in 100% Acrylic Paints, that withstand the elements.