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About Us


About us.

To say business is changing rapidly would be an understatement. Maine Sign Company was born in the woods of New England in our woodworking shop. As a family-owned business born and raised in New England, we are working together to build a legacy company to pass on to our children. We aim to bring high quality dimensional carved signage to the marketplace while also reviving skills being lost to mass production designed to fill big box shelves at rock bottom prices. From the sea to the mountains, we have traveled far and wide to learn time-honored artisan skills from some of the very few remaining master craftsmen. Our vision for signs the way they used to be is making its way back for the folks that have an eye for quality workmanship. We now have customers all across the country and are continually growing without losing our commitment to individualized excellence. Every sign is unique. Every sign is made completely in Maine, USA by our family here at Maine Sign Company.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Well, at the Maine Sign Company we DO NOT create or build low-quality products. "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten." We are craftsman, not crafters.

We pride ourselves that our products are Made in Maine, USA. If you are looking for a piece that is crafted to last, and to be displayed with pride in your home or business using the highest of quality materials we are the right fit for you.

Our Guarantee is like no other. 

We also stand behind our products 100%, yes 100%. We guarantee our products a full 2-year warranty 100% Guaranteed. We will put that is writing, will anyone else?

Thank you for stopping by!

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